Coors Light Website Redesign

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We created an interactive journey through the Coors Light mountains. Using CSS perspective techniques we simulated climbing up the motion of moving the mountain. When a user scrolls or swipes up, the scenery passes by creating a parallax effect travelling through different levels of the experience.

Voice: 416-583-2178

Company: Rethink Client: Coors Light Creative Direction: Dre Labre, Aaron Starkman, Chris Staples, Ian Grais Associate Creative Director : Alex Fleming Copywriting: Sean O'Connor, Xavier Blais Art Direction: Sheldon Rennie, Alex Fleming Interactive Producer: Todd Harrison Technical Director: Scorpio Lam Senior Developer: Hanna Chen Interaction Designer: Sheldon Rennie Studio Artist: Michelle Kennedy Account Manager: Sarah Riedlinger Account Director: Lynn Summers Analytics & Strategy: Robert Cumming Sound & Music Company: RMW Music Animation House: Common Good

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