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Artist and social innovator Mariette Sluyter’s Bread opens the oven door on the practice of baking bread and highlights the way it connects to our cultural and emotional wellbeing. An experiment in human connectivity and interactive storytelling, Bread allows us to take a peek into the lives of six older women from very different backgrounds, all of whom share a passion for bread making.


Company: National Film Board of Canada Creator: Mariette Sluyter Interactive Producer: Dana Dansereau Associate Producer: Teri Snelgrove Design: Tracey Lebedovich Development: Darren Ortiz Executive Producer: Loc Dao Project Manager: Vanessa Fukuyama, Laura Mitchell Operations and Production Manager: Janine Steele French Language Adaptation: URBANIA Director of Photography: Andrew Coppin Video Editor: Bill Hardman Audio Editor: Jen Moss Interactive Editor: Nicholas Klassen Sound Designer and Composer: Dan Leavers

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