The Cannescellation



UNION Advertising Canada LP
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Company: UNION Advertising Canada LP Executive Creative Direction: Lance Martin Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Mike Takasaki Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Glen D'Souza VP, Integrated Production: Jennifer Dark Agency Producer: Gregg Vertes Development: Jordan Shaw, Keshav Vohra VFX & Animation: Adrian Stiegler Quality Assurance Technologist: Josh Roque Director: Kyle Trotter Editor: Kyle Trotter Director of Photography: Adam Crosby Audio Production: Keen Music Audio Director: Thomas Neuspiel Director of Innovation: Mike Kasprow

Winning Website: cannescellation.com

The Cannescellation is a self-promo piece for UNION that reinforces the agency’s ability to translate genuine, human insights into work that is useful to consumers, both emotionally and functionally. In this case, the insight came from the industry itself: the mix of hatred and jealousy felt by everyone not in Cannes feels when they see social media posts from people living it up in the south of France each year.