Bloodlines “Tender”

Entire Advertising Campaign


The Humanise Collective / Alice & Smith, Montreal, QC
t: 514-692-5768
e: adoyon@aliceandsmith.com
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Client: Paradox Interactive, Sean Greaney, Paula Thelin, Stefan Wallin, Matias Civit, John Ahlbäck, Susie McBeth, Florian Schwarzer, Christian Schlütter, Nikhat Ali, Daniel Goldberg, Kate Traver Berggren, Andreas Walther, Alexander Nordqvist, Daniel Lagergren, Jakob Skwarski, Anton Wermelin, Ales Bolkar, Ellen Andersson Founder and Chief Technology: Andrea Doyon Founder and CEO / Producer: Nathalie Lacoste Director of Storytelling: Sébastien Trudel Narrative Designer and Producer : Catherine Robinson Game Designer : Étienne Clavet, Kim Proulx Art Director: Isabelle Brunette Scriptwriter: Joshua Doetsch Founder and CEO / Cast Director (Epic Immersive): Steve Boyle Associate Artistic Director, Cast Agent and Costume Design (Epic Immersive): Kimberly Flynn Producer (Hatch): Ida Corporal Senior Producer (Hatch): Annie McAllister

Winning Website: bloodlines2.com
Winning Entry: vimeo.com/460568564 

This surprise launch for the vampire role-playing game, Bloodlines 2, began with ‘Tender’, a fake dating platform that matched people based on their emotions and blood type. Here, people created dating profiles and interacted with an AI in disguise. This triggered a sequence of clues, culminating in a ‘Tender’ VIP party, where actors masqueraded as ‘Tender’ agents. At the event, players uncovered the vampires, revealing the entire masquerade for what it was: the surprise launch of Bloodlines 2.