Haulin' State of Mind

Branded/Sponsored Content - Single


john st., Toronto, ON
w: johnst.com

Client: Loblaw Companies Limited, No Frills Chief Creative Officer: Cher Campbell Associate Creative Director: Caroline Friesen, Robbie Percy Designer: Hannah Lee Business Lead: Lindsay Day Account Supervisor: Kelly Brennan Creative Director: Cher Campbell, Jess Willis Creative Director, Design: Mooren Bofill Copywriter: Robbie Percy, Alex Bonder, Marly Dichter Art Director: Caroline Friesen, Anton Mwewa, Shirley Xu Wang Agency Producer: Brittani Wilcox, Megan Flett Chief Strategy Officer: Megan Towers Sr. Strategist: Jay Fleming Editor: John Gallagher Assistant Editor: Cam Anderson Post-Production: Outsider Editorial, The Vanity Online: The Vanity VFX: Naveen Srivastava, Kaelem Cahill, Adam Silcox-Vanwyk Music & Sound: SNDWRx Music Director: Didier Tovel Composer: Didier Tovel Additional Composition: Alex Gluch, Alison Lawee, Colin Brown, Adam Prus Head of Production: Aimee DeParolis Account Team: Christy Cusack CLAPBACK TRACK performed, written and produced by: Didier Tovel

Winning Entry: youtu.be/ByomXbnnLLM

In the height of the pandemic, cord-cutting reached an all-time high. People we're turning off cable for streaming services, music and podcasts. To reach customers, we knew a traditional spot wouldn't do. So, we made over 35-minutes of No Frills branded content about what else? Grocery shopping. And we delivered it, how else? On a 12-track banger of an album—Haulin' State of Mind—co-created with some of Canada's best artists. It even earned a call out on the Tonight Show. Now that's bananas.