Lose the Gain

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Leo Burnett, Toronto, ON
w: leoburnett.ca

Co-Chief Creative Officer: Lisa Greenberg, Steve Persico SVP Creative Director: Anthony Chelvanathan Creative Director: Manas Abrol Group Creative Director, Design: Man Wai Wong Copywriter: Manas Abrol Designer: Man Wai Wong Producer: Ingrid Kroboth Print Producer: Gord Cathmoir Account Executive: Adam Reisman Creative Resource Manager: Lyndsay Cattermole Photographer: Mike Tjioe EPC Printer: Nicholas Harrison

The Holiday Cookbook was created to help people keep an eye on their weight during lockdown but not give up their love of delicious food. A book of simple, delicious and healthy recipes from Leo Burnett employees, paired with playful photography, makes it a quarantine must-have.