Made with Heinz Hamburger

Consumer Print - Single


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Client: Kraft Heinz Executive Creative Director: Mike Dubrick Head of Art: Joel Holtby Creative Director: Joel Holtby Art Director: Ryan Cookish, Rachel LeBlanc, John Ricciardella Writer: Mike Dubrick, Ryan Cookish, Rachel LeBlanc CGI Artist: Brad Pickard Chief Creative Officer: Aaron Starkman Digital Producer: Kyle Hicks Print Producer: Narine Artinian Strategist: Julian Morgan, Sean McDonald Account Director: Amy Greenspoon, Kai De Bruyn Kops Account Manager: Katherine Ly Media Agency: Carat Community Management: SALT

When it comes to ketchup, it has to be Heinz. That's the thinking that inspired our print and digital campaign for Heinz, which proves that the brand doesn't need a logo to be recognized.