Send a Solo

Corporate Responsibility Campaign


The Humanise Collective / Bleublancrouge, Toronto, ON
t: 416-912-2278
e: info@bleublancrouge.ca
w: humanise.world

Winner: The Humanise Collective / Bleublancrouge Client: Desjardins, Bjorn Brushcke, Lora Kavanagh, Michele Pascoe, Barbara Billinger, Véronique Dupuis VP, General Manager : Joumana Oweida Executive Creative Director: Chris Dacyshyn, Julie Markle Art Director: Julie Markle, Devon Williamson Copywriter: Chris Dacyshyn, Jennifer Wilson Agency Planner: Ismael Neiva Director of Client Services: Sam Pollock Account Supervisor: Carlos Game Garcia Agency Producer: Brenda Surminski Director: Chris Muir Editor: Mariam Fahmy, David James Findlay Executive Producer (Radke): Scott Mackenzie, Tony DiMarco, Scott Smith Executive Producer (Vapor Music): Kailee Nowasad Music and Sound Director : Joey Serlin Post Producer: Shenny Jaffer Colourist: Eric Whipp Casting Director: Shasta Lutz Media Director (Glassroom): Julie Kerr Digital Director (U92): Genevieve O'Keefe Digital Strategist (U92): Charles Nantel Media Analyst (Glassroom): Antoine LaSalle Media Buyer (Glassroom): Julie Robitaille Campaign Manager (Glassroom): Hugo Tourigny

Winning Website: vimeo.com/458171570

After four long months of social distancing, Desjardins' ‘Send A Solo’ initiative was created to provide relief to people who needed it most during COVID, from the elderly and immune-compromised to tireless frontline workers. Despite the healing power of music, musicians had been unable to work since lockdown began. To support both weary Canadians and out-of-work musicians, over 100 personalized solos were lovingly dedicated and performed by 47 professional artists from coast to coast.