Speak The Truth

Copywriting - Series


This year, the theme for the RGD’s DesignThinkers conference is one that resembles how most designers approach their craft: bold and without apology. ‘Speak the Truth’ is a concept that focuses on exposing the truths of design around us, in a humorous, relevant, and sometimes provocative manner. Since the truth is often black and white – the conference materials follow suit, while highlighting design truths across all of the elements.

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Company: Zulu Alpha Kilo Creative Director: Zak Mroueh Design Director: Ryan Booth Designers: Jack Curtis, Ryan Booth Art Directors: Ryan Booth, Michael Romaniuk, Charline Fauche-Simon Writers: Angeline Parsons, Patrick Godin Studio Director: Greg Heptinstall Studio Artist: Anna Harju Agency Producer: Teresa Bayley Account Teams: Erin McManus, Mike Johnson Clients: Association of Registered Graphic Designers (RGD), Hilary Ashworth, Karin Heinsch, Kim Wells, Rebecca Dudgeon