Tenor Takeover

Viral/Social - Single


D’Italiano brings the passion of Italy to the everyday. To dramatize this, we took over the YouTube Masthead for a day and had Italian tenors sing real people’s Tweets LIVE... in opera. People submitted Tweets about bread using #livelargetweets – either from the banner or directly on Twitter, then our tenors would sing those Tweets in opera. All. Day. Long. This first-of-its kind collaboration between Google and Twitter resulted in over 33 million impressions.

Voice: 416-598-4944
Website: unioncreative.com/toronto/union
Email: info@unioncreative.com
Winning URL: vimeo.com/288428754

Company: UNION Art Director: UNION, Adam Thur Chief Creative Officer: Lance Martin Creative Director: Adam Thur, Rica Eckersley Copywriter: Rica Eckersley Producer: Jennifer Dark, David Stulberg, Karen Rayes, James Porter Account Director: Kimberly Welsh, Amy Greenspoon Account Manager: Beatrice Dauphinais-Borque Production Company: Touchpoint Films Planner: Aaron Arellano, Jocelynn Rennie Director: Matt Eastman Technical Director: Josh Chaiton