The 54-Second Watch: Because Intolerance Shortens Lives

Pro Bono/PSA/Charity Entire Ad Campaign


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Client: Fondation Émergence Chief Creative Officer: Carle Coppens Creative Director: Carle Coppens, Hugo Morin Art Director: Félix-Antoine Brunet, Preto Murara Copywriter: Vanessa Harbec, Olivier Goulet-Lafond Adaptation: Marcus Hildebrandt Account Manager: Charlotte Lafrance, Jean-Michel Rioux Account Coordinator: Natacha Nasset Producer: Anick Rozon, Brigitte Robillard Strategy: Stéphane Mailhiot Web Production House: Human App Developper: Vincent Nicopolsky Designer: Benjamin Trottier 3D Animations: Félix-Antoine Brunet Watch Mecanism Design: Mélanie Guillaume Watchmaker: Dominique Brouillet Director: Sarah Adatte Post-Production: Post430 Director: Nicolas Fransolet Camera Assistant: Arturo Fransolet Gaffer: Nicola Tomasini Editor: Ludauvick Geoffroy, ÉTienne Beaupré Colourist: ÉTienne Beaupré Assistant Editor: Rosalie Bégin Nadeau Producer: Isabelle Bordua Post-Production Coordinator: Annie-Kim Brais Production Coordinator: Charlène Blanchette Sound Production: Circonflex Sound Designer: Tanguy Meunier PR Agency: Tök Communications Photographer: Roma Yandolin, Chaideer Mahyuddin, Anatolii Stepanov, Kobi Schutz, Czarek Sokolowski

Winning Entry: vimeo.com/745546377/e17392ed1c

Around the world, LGBTQ+ people face daily violence. But the statistics paint an even darker picture. Intolerance kills. As a tribute those shortened lives, we designed a unique object: a watch with shortened minutes. Six seconds were removed for each colour of the rainbow flag, making the watch lose a decade over one lifetime. The watch was featured in print and out-of-home advertising using press photos of violence against LGBTQ+ people.