The Last Catalogue

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Client: IKEA Canada Head of Art: Joel Holtby Creative Director: Joel Holtby, Dhaval Bhatt Art Director: Hayley Hinkley Writer: Jacquelin Parent Designer: Erin Maguire, Brie Lim Executive Creative Director: Mike Dubrick Chief Creative Officer: Aaron Starkman Strategist: Shereen Ladha Strategy: Sean McDonald Producer: Claire Khan, Anna Tricinci, Spencer Houghton, Joe McLaren, Kristina Anzlinger Print Producer: Narine Artinian Account Director: Daniel Riggi, Tracey Cronin, Vanessa Coutinho, Karen Hrstic Account Manager: Megan Chrisopher Production Company: Cooper Films, Vapor Music Director: James Cooper Director of Photography: Craig Cooper Photographer: Peter Andrew Lusztyk Post-Production Company: Outsider Editorial Editor: Cam Anderson Editorial Assistant: David Larocque On-Line: Red Lab On-Line Producer: Valerie Moss Colourist: Jason Zukowski Flame Artist: Alexa Salsberg Engineer: Ryan Chalmers Audio House Director: Ted Rosnick, Dustin Anstey Audio House Producer: Kat Stewart Media Agency: Carat Media Agency Planner: Monalyn Quelnat Media Coordinator: Crystal Kim CRM: Wunderman Thompson

This year, with Canadians spending so much time at home, IKEA wanted to do something to help make their environments just a little more beautiful. So, we started with the thing people turn to first to improve them—the IKEA Catalogue. We created the Last Catalogue. A limited edition, hardcover version of the 2021 IKEA Catalogue, designed with as much care and attention to detail as everything that's in it.