Tough Turban

Corporate Responsibility


Zulu Alpha Kilo, Toronto, ON

Client: Pfaff Harley-Davidson, Brandon Durmann, Melanie Somerville Creative Director: Zak Mroueh Chief Creative Officer: Zak Mroueh Head of Design: Stephanie Yung Associate Creative Director: Vic Bath, Dan Cummings Art Director: Vic Bath Writer: Dan Cummings Designer: Jeff Watkins, Rasna Jaswal Agency Producer: Laura Dubcovsky, Kathryn Brown Account Team: Rob Feightner, Matt Sinuita, David Tremblay, Allison Diaz Mercado Planning Team: Spencer MacEachern, Shaunagh Farrelly Product Design: Sparks Innovation Production House: Zulubot Executive Producer: Tom Evans Line Producer: Colleen Allen Director: Barbara Shearer Director of Photography: James Arthurs Editor: Jessie Posthumus Motion Graphics: Ashlee Mitchell Illustrator: Nabil Elsaadi Engineer: Dino Cuzzolino Web Design: Jacqui Lau, Kesia Payne Photographer: The Moto Foto, Dan Lim Online Artist: Felipe Chaparro Head of Production: Adam Palmer

Winning Entry: youtu.be/bxnJtbnE9wo

Turban-wearing Sikh motorcyclists are now exempt from local helmet laws in Canada. Celebrating freedom of expression while keeping safety top of mind, we designed a turban layered with foam that hardens on impact, bulletproof fabric and 3D printed chainmail.