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Client: AB InBev - Bud Light Canada Partner and Executive Creative Director: Dave Douglass, Pete Breton Creative Director: Neil Blewett Writer: Neil Blewett, Georgia Dodson Group Business Head: Matt Holton Director: Stacey Lee Producer: William Crouse VP of Marketing for Labatt Breweries of Canada: Andrew Oosterhuis CEO and Partner: Franke Rodriguez President, andManaging Director: Candace Borland Business Director: Dori Adams Account Supervisor: Kayla Christenson Account Executive: Jordy Francescangeli Group Strategy Director: Paul Lipson Director of Communications Strategy: Alex Avendaño Head of Production: Janice Bisson, Adam Palmer Agency Producer: Nicole Poon, Annya Williams, Frances Smith Head of Design: Shawn Lambino Lead Designer: Melissa Zeta Director of Photography: Zoe Simone Yi Executive Producer: Bud Light Canada, Julien Christian Lutz, Taj Critchlow Editor/Writer: Georgia Dodson Story Editor: Joe Peeler Finishing Editor: Anthony Mathile Music Composer: Kate Simko Production Coordinator: Dean Rosen, Charlotte Travers Production House: Fela Editing House: Whitehouse Post Marketing for Labatt Breweries of Canada: Todd Allen Director of Marketing for Bud Light Canada: Natalie Lucas, Becky Lindsay Senior Brand Manager for Bud Light: Kevin De Gruijter Sr. Director – Budweiser & Bud Light: Mike D'Agostini PR Agency: Veritas Communications Media Agency: Vizeum Canada Film Sales & Distribution: LevelFILM INC

Winning Entry: youtube.com/watch?v=nPi-NZtlUSk

In 2019 only five of the top Billboard 100 DJs were women. The ten highest paid DJs earned over $272 million. They were all men. No woman has ever made the list. Bud Light Canada saw this imbalance and the challenges female artists encountered and felt an obligation to take action. The brand concepted and produced Underplayed, a documentary film that followed the top female DJs in the world bringing much needed attention to the often ignored subject of gender inequality in the music industry.