Six-Second Ambush Advisories

Pro Bono - Series



Company: Rethink Client: YWCA Creative Director: Ian Grais, Chris Staples, Aaron Starkman, Mike Dubrick Art Director: Pamela Rounis Writer: Jordon Lawson, Max May Strategist: Darren Yada Producer: Megan O'Connor Account Manager: Rachael Sawer Account Director: Chelsea Stoelting Amplification Strategist: Aliz Tennant, Gordon Zhang, Rose Koo

Winning Entry:

Sexualization in popular media contributes to violence against women. So the YWCA decided to warn young viewers about the content they’re about to watch, by hijacking YouTube’s advanced ad targeting to run unskippable six-second warnings in front of specific music videos (YouTube’s most popular content) that objectify women and men.