Craft Image - Series


Rethink, Toronto/Montreal/Vancouver
w: rethinkcanada.com

Ad Agency: Rethink Client: Truss Beverages Chief Creative Officer: Aaron Starkman, Christina Yu Creative Director: Joel Holtby, Jake Lim Associate Creative Director: Skye Deluz, Naeem Ghafari Art Director: Skye Deluz Designer: Jake Lim Writer: Naeem Ghafari Digital Designer: Alex Fleming, Dustin Gamble Strategist: Hannah Newport, Sean McDonald Producer: Todd Harrison, Narine Artinian Production Coordinator: Spencer Houghton Editor: Alex Fleming, Dustin Gamble Audio House: Vapor Music Account Director: Marie Lunny Account Manager: Becky Rudson

Winning Website: rethinkcanada.com

Most cannabis brands are about one thing: getting people high. But 80% of Canadians use cannabis for self-care, so we created a wellness brand. Thanks to regulations, we couldn't claim to be a wellness brand. Starting with our name, Veryvell, we said the word 'well' through design. And we continued to show wellness through our approachable typography, calming colours, and a simple dosage system that helps people feel well, not wasted.