Welcome to the Flavourhood 2.0

Cinematography - Single


john st., Toronto, ON
w: johnst.com

Client: DoorDash Canada Chief Creative Officer: Cher Campbell Art Director: Christian Buer Copywriter: Meghan Kraemer Sr. Strategist: Brittany Dow Broadcast Producer: Monika Ghobrial Team Lead: Caitlin Bourada Chief Strategy Officer: Megan Towers Chief Delivery Officer: Cas Binnington Head of Production/Producer: Aimee DeParolis Producer: Aimee DeParolis, Cindy Burnay Account Executive: Pooja Mokashi Studio Director: Jackie Goshgarian Production Artist: Heather Lee, Melina Furlong, Erin Wheatley, Andrew Brennan Proofreading Lead: Molly Barber Production Company: BlinkInk Director: Stevie Gee, Essy May Executive Producer: Bart Yates, Vic Lovejoy, Alison Lawee, Laurence Guichandut Director of Photography: Matthew Day Puppet Makers: Josh Flynn, Nathan Flynn Model Makers (set): Machine Shop Master Puppeteer: Will Harper, Jonny Sabbagh Editor: Ryan Beck CGI and Post Production: BlinkInk Studio VFX Supervisor: Ken Hau CGI Lead: Dorianne Fibleuil Post Producer: Amy Smith Colour: George K., Black Kite Studios VFX Editors: Christina Conradi Animatics Editor/VFX: Will Barnet Audio: SNDWRx Creative Direction: Didier Tovel Vocalists: Didier Tovel, Britta Badour Sound Design: Didier Tovel Additional Sound Design: Alex Gluch French Audio: Circonflex Coordinator: Charlène Blanchette Producer + Music Supervisor: Paul-Étienne Côté Music Producer: Olivier Girard, François-Pierre Lue Sound Engineer: Tanguy Meunier

Winning Entry: youtu.be/iLs2EDg338g

At the start of the pandemic, we helped DoorDash stand out by standing for something—the neighbourhood, or as we call it—The Flavourhood. And we celebrated the hidden gems, local haunts, diversity, and flavours of all kinds. As a follow up, we shifted our focus to the people that make the Flavourhood so damn special. The chillers. The makers. The wake-up-and-bakers. Because in The Flavourhood—all tasty buds have a seat at the table. So pull up a seat, and see what the block is cookin'.