White Ribbon Day After Day

COVID-19 Response Integrated Campaign


Bensimon Byrne/Narrative/OneMethod, Toronto, ON
w: bensimonbyrne.com narrative.ca onemethod.com

Client: White Ribbon Partner, Executive Creative Director: Joseph Bonnici Creative Director: David Mueller Creative Director (Narrative): Debbie Chan Copywriter: John Pavacic, David Mueller Art Director (Narrative): Debbie Chan Business Lead: Marli Bennett Account Lead (Narrative): Andrea Lee Agency Producer: Michelle Pilling Social Media Director: Kristina Kosa Senior Media Planner: Sarah Lowden Social Media Planner (Narrative): Sarah Santarossa French Supervision: Ariane France Smith Director of XD (OneMethod): Kurt Krumme Senior Account Manager (Narrative): Sheri Clish, Vanessa Kissoon Associate Account Manager (Narrative): Katie Glover Account Coordinator (Narrative): Lindsey Hutchins Junior Account Coordinator (Narrative): Christine Boakye-Manu Production Company: Untitled Films Executive Producer: Tom Evelyn Director: Hubert Davis Director of Photography: Kiel Alexander Milligan Line Producer: Ian Fingland Casting: Jigsaw Casting Editorial Company: Rooster Post Editor: Michelle Czukar Assistant Editor: Sarah Carlisle Producer: Sam McLaren, Tess Kennedy Post Production Online: Fort York VFX Flame Artist: Luke White Transfer: Alter Ego Post Colourist: Conor Fisher Music and Sound: Berkeley Inc. Audio Director: Jared Kuemper Audio Engineer: Jared Kuemper Audio Producer: Tyna Maerzke

Winning Entry: youtu.be/8sxuoD4hOZw

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Canada implemented some of the longest lockdowns in the world. Calls to police about domestic disputes soon increased dramatically, in some cases by as much as 400%. Day After Day speaks directly to men who are using, or at risk of using, gender-based violence. The film uses the same set of words to tell two different stories of isolation: a man trapped in his own negative ways of thinking; and a woman and child who are trapped inside their home with him.