Write for Your Rights

Consumer Print - Series


Cossette, Montreal, QC
t: 514-845-2727
w: cossette.com

Client: Amnesty International Chief Creative Officer: Peter Ignazi, Louis-Philippe Tremblay Executive Creative Director: Anne-Claude Chénier, Barbara Jacques Creative Director: Geneviève Duquette Art Director: Alexandre Jutras Writer: François-Julien Rainville, Philippe Brassard, David Purkis Illustrator: Owen Gent Production Company: Colagene, Septième Post-Production: Colette Dumay (Septième), Philippe Richelet (Septième), Martin Dumas (Septième) Account Planner: Olivier Charbonneau, Valérie Roy

By leveraging the universal symbol of the pencil, the visuals emphasize real situations where the most basic of rights have been violated: the right to protest, to live in safety, to speak freely, or to have a fair trial. At Amnesty International we know that writing can actually change lives.