3 years anniversary Baillat Studio Waterproof

Typography-Promotional Application - Single


Véronique Thibault (Studio Baillat )
e: info@baillat.ca
w: baillat.ca

Winner: Baillat Studio Creative Director: Jean-Sebastien Baillat Art Director: Jean-Sebastien Baillat Graphic Designer: Louis Dollé Copywriter: Steve Sauvage Photographer: Nik Mirus, Martin Laporte Project Manager: Stéphanie L'Allier

Third time’s the charm, honoring our 3rd anniversary we created 2 sets of 35 custom rain jackets as invitations, the WATERPROOF design. Enjoy the splashes of a mind-bending brainstorm, in the comfort of our tough yet delicate rainwear. We’re the mood fools! Sing it in the rain! Catch the flash, the splish splash of this and that. It’s an all-out assault on the senses. - Take it all in. ???????Here’s our invite: Make a kite from the coat kit and let the ideas fly!