365 / 12

Complete Design Promotion - Complete


Elise Eskanazi (Elise Eskanazi)
w: valeriepareskanazi.com

Elise Eskanazi Photography: Valérie Paquette Designer: Elise Eskanazi Printing Company: NexeImpressions Silkscreen Printing: La Bourgeoise Sérigraphe Hand binding: Cécile Côté

This collection of albums is an association game to present our work. It begins with 365 photographs taken by Valérie Paquette during her year in London. Images of her daily life regrouped by the designer into 12 themed albums. Each album includes the same amount of images as the number of days in the month it represents. 31 pictures under Wonderland (January). 28 for Movement (February). A complete branding was created around it.