Annex Ale Project – Boldly Go, And Then Gone

Shoe-String Budget - Series


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Design Studio: Daughter Creative Client: Annex Ale Project Creative Director: Stephanie Kochorek Client Service Director and Planner: Jill Dewes Designer: Holly Gallacher Copywriters: Diana Prymack, Stephanie Kochorek Photographer: Brendan Stephens

The Annex brand didn't have a distinct visual style so it was losing customers on shelves. It was vital that Annex had a scalable, easy-to-produce system that could make an impact while still speaking to the individual characteristics of each beer. These small batch release labels have a visual style that feels fleeting, reflective of the “once it's gone, it's gone” nature of the beer. Flavour characteristics come through in individual elements of colour, line style, and placement.