Content-Experimental/Innovative - Series


BEATS, Montreal, QC
e: info@beatscollective.net

Art Director: Hamie Robitaille Choreographer: Stefania Skoryna Compositor: Yuki Berthiaume Creative Technologist: Ganesh Baron Aloir Dancer and Performer: Molly Siboulet-Ryan Distributor: Mutek Festival, Society for Arts and Technologies Producer: Hamie Robitaille Creative Director: Hamie Robitaille, Stefania Skoryna, Yuki Berthiaume Programmer: Ganesh Baron Aloir, Nima Navab Prototype Designer: Ganesh Baron Aloir, Jason Hendrik, Christian Dion Sound Production: Lamajeure Motion Graphics Artist: Hamie Robitaille, Charles Desmarais Film Editor: Cléo Beauchamp-Paquette, Xavier Madore Camera/Lighting: Éric Pelletier, Yann-Manuel Hernandez, Francis Leduc Photographer: Maxyme G.Delisle, Consulat, Myriam Ménard, Bruno Guérin, Stéphanie Simpson Costumes: Catherine Veri Production Assistant: Vanessa Boilard

Winning Entry: youtu.be/9KG2ryu4e1E

BEATS is a transdisciplinary collective and a show. Combining contemporary dance, visual arts, and sound composition, the team came up with innovative interactive tools that allow each discipline to communicate with the other. Questioning our relationship to work and humans' place among technology, the project is creative by its way of pushing the limits that separate arts, design, and new medias in a holistic experience that was presented last August at the MUTEK festival in Montreal.