Boréale Artisan Series

Craft - Illustration - Series


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VP, Creative Director: David Kessous Creative Director: Marie-Pier Gilbert Designers: Julien Baveye, David Beauchemin, Ariane Dray, Marie-Pier Daigle Illusrator: Jean Landry Copywriter: Jean-Christophe Diaque, Guillaume Blanchet, Jean-Christophe Lanteigne-Daigle Account Services: Marine Léoture, Valérie Beaudoin, Nataly Lemyre, Étienne Payette Lebeau, Julie Bégin Project Management, Production: Mélanie Thérien Graphic Production: Mélissa Brisson, Geneviève Demers Info Graphics: Martin Brisebois, Joanie Evrard, Manon Rémillard Client: Boréale

The Artisan series, a line of niche beers from the Boréale Microbrewery, targets a segment of consumers who want to discover new beers with sophisticated yet accessible tastes. We developed the graphic universe and names for the latest three beers to join the series. Sold in cans, a popular and easily recyclable format, the Artisan Series offers a rich graphic playground to celebrate the Quebec landscape: the IPA des côtes, Kölsch de la rivière and Nano IPA des vallées.