Young Blood Design - Single


Sarah Davidson (Cossette)

Winner: Cossette : Cossette Global Chief Creative Officer: Peter Ignazi, Carlos Moreno Executive Creative Director: Michael Milardo Creative Director: Lisa Nakamura Young Blood & Designer: Janice Callangan Designer: Shanene Lau Copywriter: Leila Nadery Print Producer: Aishaa Abdulla Digital Producer: Emmy Clark Account Supervisor: Manuela Stoyanov, Arantza Belaustegui

Empower is a networking night that inspires a community for women in leadership. We took the “W” in the logo to signal that women are at the centre of our empowerment. With this “W” we created a suite of icons that represent who these women are and what traits they hold: creative, inspiring, motivating, compassionate, etc. We developed a logo and brand that is bold, dynamic and powerful, just like our women.