Festival Filmar 21

Entire Design Program


WePlayDesign, Lausanne, Switzerland
e: hello@weplaydesign.ch
w: weplaydesign.ch

Design Studio: WePlayDesign Designer: Sophie Rubin, Cédric Rossel Costume Designer: Sophie Rubin, Cédric Rossel Motion Graphics Artist: Cédric Rossel, Sophie Rubin Video Editor: Cédric Rossel Photographer: Nicolas Spuhler Client: Filmar in América Latina

Winning Entry: vimeo.com/manage/videos/682074891

FILMAR is the main festival dedicated to Latin American cinema in Switzerland. The visual identity of the 23rd edition explores the myths that cross Latin America and their contemporary interpretation. Inspired by the characters of carnivals or indigenous peoples and their rituals, the characters created reflect the richness of the continent. The posters displayed in the public space challenge by the attitude of the characters who seem to want to establish a dialogue with the spectators.