Floral Ball

Promotional-Messaging - Single


The Local Collective, Toronto, ON
e: hi@thelocalcollective.com
w: thelocalcollective.com

Ad Agency: The Local Collective Chief Creative Officer: Matt Litzinger VP: Kaitlin Doherty Creative Director and Designer: Pepe Bratanov Executive Producer: Lauren Brown Writer: Matthew Litzinger Account Director: Amanda McMillan Planner: Michael Ash

The beautiful game is one of both grace and aggression. Hoop dreams are planted at a young age and those lucky enough to fall in love with the game never lose that love. This limited run piece was created for those that dare to dream and realize that just because it hasn't been done, doesn't mean it can't be. This regulation size game ready basketball consists of eight panels of absorbent leather and is a magical combination visually.