Fonderie Darling and Jeannette Johns | Tightly Knit

Entire Book Design - Single


Compagnie et cie, Montreal, QC
t: 514-815-0740
e: info@compagnieetcie.com
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Creative Agency: compagnie et cie Photographer: Mathieu Lévesque, Consulat Retoucher: Atelier Photosynthèse Print: BookArts Curator: Milly-Alexandra Déry Client: Fonderie Darling

Fonderie Darling, a renowned visual arts centre in Old Montreal, has published Of things as they happen to be, the first institutional publication devoted to the practice of artist Jeanette Johns. Presented in a hybrid form, the book was published in conjunction with her 2021 solo exhibition of the same name, which was held in Fonderie Darling's Small Gallery and which explored the infinite possibilities of grid patterns in a variety of mediums, notably including woven pieces.