Gogo Quinoa Puffs

Packaging-Food - Series


Pigeon Brands Inc., Montreal, QC
t: 514-871-1322
e: eboulet@pigeonbrands.com
w: behance.net/pigeonbrands

Creative Director: Olivier Chevillot Art Director: Jacinthe Archambault Graphic Designers: Jacinthe Archambault, Talyanne Bélanger Production Artist: Alex Raima Beauty Shots: Marie-Ève Grégoire Client Service Director: Johanne Mathieu

Gogo Quinoa is crazy for quinoa and loves to bring new relevance to this ancient staple with inventive new products that bring out quinoa's best qualities. Design evokes “the goodness inside” with a modern, optimistic and uplifting approach. Illustrated by characters as colourful as the flavours they represent, we wanted this snack to offer a fun, inventive and inspiring product experience with a design infused with humanity and dynamism.