Happy Moving Day

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In Quebec, Canada, some 80% of residential leases end on July 1, making it the province’s “official” moving day. Because moving day is typically associated with pizza, the challenge was to convince Quebecers that the payoff for a hard day’s move could also be food from McDonald’s. This year, with the aim of linking McDonald’s to this landmark day, we carefully arranged colourful cardboard boxes to recreate one of the most emblematic items on the McDonald’s menu: the world’s most famous fries.

Winner: Cossette Client: McDonald's Restaurants of Canada Limited Global Chief Creative Officer: Carlos Moreno, Peter Ignazi VP Design and Branding: Barbara Jacques Creative Director: Patrick Michaud Art Director: Alexandre Jutras VP Creative Advertising: Anne-Claude Chénier Copywriter: Patrick Michaud Retoucher: René Lachapelle Producer: Annie Vanier Media Director (OMD): Emilie McAllister Media Strategist (OMD): Lea Desourdy Senior Marketing Manager (client): Chuck Coolen Regional Marketing Supervisor (client): Melissa Hains