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VP, Creative Director: Nicolas Baldovini Creative Directors, Digital Experience: Joël Auchu, Julien Jean Art Director, Digital Experience: Vincent Bélanger UI Designers: Gabriel Larivière, Mika Charbonneau UX Designers: Laurence Valois-Fortier, Lena Aufschneider, Clara Lafrance VP, Account Services: Louis-Philippe Favreau Technology, Digital Experience: Louis-Philippe Favreau Director of Technology, Digital Experience: Romain Prache Developers: Hilo, Mathieu Lavoie, Irene Sierraalta, François Perreault, Victor Bianchi Duarte Developer - Front-End: Charles Patoine Developers: Manon Mialet, Jean-François Leblanc, Yaksa QA Specialists: Andréanne Jodoin, Marc-Antoine Leclerc VP, Strategy: Sophie-Annick Vallée VP, Data & Insights, Digital Experience: Anne-Marie Castonguay Director of Digital Strategy, Digital Experience: Maxime Chabot Director, Data & Insights: Jean-Philippe Roméo Performance Analyst, Data & insights: Coralie Brindle Group Director: Marie-Ève Despars Project Managers, Digital Experience: Nicolas Francoeur, Julie Doré-Renaud Account Director, Digital Experience: Simon Regniault Project Manager, Digital Experience: Catherine Brochu Illustrator: Delphine Meier User Tests: Ergoweb

For Hilo, we've envisioned a new kind of smart home, where controlling technology is no longer just for geeks—it's for everyone. Every step has been taken to make the app user-friendly and intuitive. To make Hilo a truly accessible smart home service, we designed an app that people could relate to. Illustrations allow users to identify with and see themselves in each of the visual elements. Also, to make it easy to consult and understand data, efforts were made to make the display interactive.