Liberté Global Platform

Packaging-Food - Series


Stand MTL, Montreal, QC
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Client: Frédérique Delagrave Strategy: Jimmy Berthelet, Manon Pelletier Art Directors: Caroline Blanchette, Geneviève Lapointe Pre-Production: Philippe Melançon Illustrators: Doug Schneider, Ruth Aslett, Billy Showell, Liz Shippam, Claire Ward, Lisa Rupp, Aleksandra Stanglewicz, Cath Riley, Susannah Blaxill, Erik Van De Beek, Loren Di Benedetto Client: Simon Brisebois, Audrey Morin, Marie-Michèle Lessard, Caroline Martineau Pre-Production: Charles Taschereau-Roy Production: JJM, Stand MTL Retouching: Le Pinch, Martin Tremblay, Geneviève Bellehumeur Administration: Isabelle Desbiens Case Design: Caroline Blanchette Case Renderings: Diane Simard, Philippe Melançon Case Production: Philippe Melançon Case Copywriting: Jimmy Berthelet

Winning Website: standmtl.com

To be introduced to new markets around the globe, the Liberté platform had some important strategic objectives, including moving away from a portfolio that hinged on supporting seven sub-brands into a single powerful and distinctive Liberté brand. Under the guidance of our strategic and creative leads, we brought in illustrators that worked on their own interpretations of each sub-brand to keep each one true to its roots. We used colour and a simple approach to design: beauty and confidence.