Masters of Serigraphy Posters

Entire Publication Design - Single


Marc H. Choko, Montreal, QC
e: choko.marc@uqam.ca
w: marchchoko.com

Project Coordinator: Marc H. Choko Graphic Designer: Stéphane Huot Print Producer: Michel Dubois, Jean-Yves Grandidier Printing Company: Lézard Graphique, Groupe Prenant Publisher: Éditions du Limonaire Photographer: Michel Brunelle

This is the first publication dedicated to the recognition of the artists and printers who devoted their talent to poster screen printing. It tells the story of serigraphy from the 1930s to the present, and of more than seventy of the best designers and their printing companies around the world. Artisanal or produced on the most sophisticated presses, serigraphy offers prints of unequalled quality. Included in this publication are forty poster reproduction screen-printed by Lézard graphique.