Petit Chenin Précieux

Packaging-Beverages-Alcohol - Single


Harrison Fun, Montreal, QC
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Creative Director and Designer: Francis Desrosiers Clients: Agence Vini-Vins, Ariane Moffatt, Frantz Saumon

Wine label design for a Cuvée specially developed for Ariane Moffatt by Frantz Saumon and the Vini-Vins! Agency. Inspired by the unique characteristics of Frantz Saumon's clay, limestone and flint earth from which the vines grow, the label design focuses on these pieces of white clay (chenin blanc), which give this Cuvée its unique freshness and minerality. The design successfully displays the preciousness of this Petit Chenin while echoing two of Ariane's passions: the composition and wine.