Practice Safe Sets

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Cossette, Toronto, ON
w: cossette.com

Head of Design: Luis Coderque Group Creative Director: Luis Coderque Creative Director Design: Mark Neil Balson Designer: Julie MacKinnon Developer: Executive Agency Global Chief Creative Officer: Peter Ignazi Executive Creative Directors: Craig McIntosh, Jaimes Zentil Printer: Moveable Inc. Clients: Suneeva, Asymetric Media and Sequoia Content Executive Producer, Suneeva: Geoff Cornish Head of Operations, Suneeva: Robert Perry

Winning Website: 3wc.short.gy/pss

We created an interactive platform that provides film production teams with guidelines to ensure workplace safety in the age of COVID-19. A fully integrated mobile resource was essential as the safest way to interact with the platform on set. PSS is a practical tool to deliver methodical and potentially life-saving guidelines in this new world we live and work in. From the nature of the content, our intention was to ensure a sense of functionality and validity, while appealing to creatives.