Quartier des Spectacles | A Message from the Heart

Public Service/Charity - Series


compagnie et cie, Montreal, QC
t: 514-815-0740
e: info@compagnieetcie.com
w: compagnieetcie.com

Creative Agency: compagnie et cie Photographer: Maxyme G Delisle Agent: Consulat Client: Transplant Québec Head of Communications: Annie-Carole Martel

The third stage of the Beating Heart campaign, deployed after a particularly difficult year for the performing arts, this promotion from the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership took advantage of the gradual reopening of cultural venues to launch a new invitation to the public. The simple message came straight from the heart: “On vous attend” (We're waiting for you). Amplifying the voice of the artists, the campaign made clear their desire to reconnect with the public, live and in person.