Real Canadian Super Platform

Poster - Series


One Twenty Three West, Vancouver, BC
w: 123w.ca

Design Studio: One Twenty Three West Client: Real Canadian Superstore Creative Director: Mooren (Mo) Bofill, Bryan Collins Art Director: Jeremy Grice Copywriter: Rob Terry, Mia Thomsett Designer: Tim Hoffpauir Producer: Ninette Aves, Sue Bell Account Director: Jaime Nilsson, Sandra Gordon Account Manager: Dave Felizarta Studio: Laurel Miller, Gabe Hall, Tom Pettapiece, Rich Parkes Production: Westside Studio Portraits: Wade Hudson Agent: Jill Heintzman Producer: Erin Reynolds Hair & Makeup: Wendy Rorong Props: Christina Yan Stylist: Marc Andrew Smith Still Life: Vicky Lam Digi Tech: Eric Brazier Retoucher: Robyn Owens Food Stylist: Michael Elliot Food Styling Assistant: Soo Kim Props Assistant: Jonathan Matta Portrait Photo Assistant: Duane Cole, Jenisha Hibbert Still Life Photo Assistant: Duane Cole, Ramon Vasconcelos

Real Canadian Superstore has everything for every taste. So in the campaign, we wanted to make sure their diverse customer base knew they could get what they needed in store, and also make sure they felt represented in our ads. Real customers of Real Canadian Superstore were featured, representing people of different backgrounds, abilities, genders, ages and tastes. Beside each portrait was a stylish table top shot of the items they really buy when they shop with us.