Complete Rebrand Identity Program


lg2, Montreal, QC
w: lg2.com

VP, Creative Director: David Kessous VP, Executive Creative Director, Digital Experience: Nicolas Baldovini Creative Director: Frédéric Tremblay Art Directors: Jean-Michel Tardif, Vincent Bélanger UX Designer: Clara Lafrance Creative Director, Digital Experience: Joël Auchu Copywriter: Valérie Wells Art Director: Joanna Chrysocheris VP, Design & Strategist: Marc-André Fafard Creative Director, Digital Experience: Julien Jean Director of Technology: Romain Prache Architect: Hélène Fortin Interior Designer: Mathilde Lee VP, Account Services, Design: Ingrid Roussel Account Director: Catherine Demers-Rivard Account Managers, Design: Laurence Plourde, Marine Leoture Project Manager, Digital Experience: Elodie Doua Account Manager: Charles Harvey Account Coordinator: Simon Boisvert Mac Artists: Julie Hotte, Joanie Évrard, Manon Rémillard Lead Digital Production: Cedrick Patenaude Digital Integrator: Mathieu Schetagne Broadcast Coordinator: Claudine St-Pierre Project Managers: Marie-Élisabeth Fouquet-Bouchard, Mélanie Thérien Print Producer: Louis Dorval Sound Production: BLVD Motion Graphics Artist: Jean-Philippe Granger

As a rental equipment company founded in 1907, Simplex was faced with a brand ecosystem that was increasingly out of step with best brand experience practices. To reenergize its activities and win over a younger target, they decided to build on the one thing that had defined it since the start: simplicity. This simplicity is represented by a logo featuring an arrow—a core element of the visual identity. The dynamic shape is found throughout the platform in various guises.