TD Poster Bank

Poster - Series


Ian McCartney (Leo Burnett)

Winner: Leo Burnett Chief Creative Officer: Judy John Creative Director: Lisa Greenberg, Chris Munnik, Kerry Reynolds Copywriter: Dave Thornhill Art Director: Dejan Djuric Designer: Dejan Djuric Account Director: Laurie Freeman, Brian Poleck, Genevieve Cote, Brandon Sellors Developer: Dan Purdy, Alex Dabic Print Producer: Gord Cathmoir Agency Producer: Alex Postans Print Producer: Kevin Stephen, Barry Durocher Account Director: Laurie Freeman, Brian Poleck, Genevieve Cote Account Executive: Brandon Sellers, Brittany Valevicius Photographer: Arash Moallemi Production Company: Flash Reproductions

78% of parents feel they aren’t successful at teaching their kids about money. During Financial Literacy Month, TD Bank created a tool to help parents. The TD Poster Bank is a tactile savings account for kids. Along with their parents, kids could pick the item they wanted to save for and over time insert the coins needed to buy it. When all the slots were filled by the appropriate coins, the item could be bought. Each coin saved was an opportunity for parents to educate their kids about money.