The Sobering Report

Annual Report - Single


Katherine Duerdoth (Rethink)
w: rethinkcanada.com

Winner: Rethink Creative Director: Hans Thiessen, Ian Grais, Chris Staples Writer: Andrew Chhour Producer: Todd Harrison Developer: Brad Stapleton, Ken Malley Designer: Jake Lim Account Director: Sarah Riedlinger Account Manager: Hannah Jordan Strategist: Sean McDonald

The Sobering Report is an annual report that becomes more impaired the more you scroll. Blurry and warped text and images emulate impaired vision. Difficult scrolling simulates declining motor function. Even the phone’s accelerometer reacts to movement by shifting and sliding the report to show loss of balance. Eventually, everything becomes totally incomprehensible. Users can also ‘sober up’ any time to read the report, demonstrating that the safest way to drive is 100% sober.