Woah Dough

Craft - Printing/Bindery/Finishing - Series


Leo Burnett, Toronto, ON
w: leoburnett.ca

Chief Creative Officer: Lisa Greenberg, Steve Persico Director Print Production: Gord Cathmoir Design Director: Dejan Djuric Group Creative Director: Morgan Kurchak Account Executive: Sheana Bow Group Creative Director: Man Wai Wong Account Director: Danielle Iozzo Senior Developer: Dan Purdy Photographer: Mike Tjioe Director Creative Technology: Felix Wardene President: Ben Tarr Chief Strategy Officer: Tahir Ahmad SVP, Head of Account Management: Natasha Dagenais Creative Coordinator: Alexandra Tikhonova Print Producer: Kevin Stephen

The first-time people taste our cookies, only one word could sum up their reactions: WOAH. And when we then tell people they are gluten free? WOAH. So that's what we named the brand and the idea we wanted to convey with the design.