Worn Down by Words

Craft - Printing/Bindery/Finishing - Series


Zulu Alpha Kilo, Toronto, ON

Chief Creative Officer: Zak Mroueh Executive Creative Director: Stephanie Yung Art Director: Andrea Por Writer: Christina Roche Design Director: Jeff Watkins Designer: Zoe Kim UX/UI Designer: Damian Simev Account Team: Rob Feightner, Letty Castillo, Amy Nguyen Partner: Black Business and Professional Association, Canadian Congress on Inclusive Diversity and Workplace Equity, Diversity Institute, Ryerson University, Pride at Work Canada Studio Director: James Graham Producer: James Pearson, Kenneth Haz Illustrator: Nabil Elsaadi Production Artsist: Jeannette Downes Production Artist: Ashleigh O’Brien

Similar in effect to death by a thousand paper cuts, the repetition of microaggressions can wear a person down. To raise awareness of their harmful impact, Canada's leading DEI groups joined forces to launch The Micropedia, the first encyclopedia of microaggressions. A poster series helped drive visitors to The Micropedia. Using paper to highlight the depth of the harm, each poster features a common microaggression on the outside of a silhouette, while the internalized trauma remains deep within.