Write for Your Rights

Public Service/Charity - Series


Cossette, Montreal, QC
w: cossette.com

Client: Amnesty International Chief Creative Officer: Peter Ignazi Executive Creative Directors: Anne-Claude Chénier, Barbara Jacques Creative Director: Genevieve Duquette Art Director: Alexandre Jutras Writers: François-Julien Rainville, Philippe Brassard, David Purkis Illustrator: Owen Gent Production Company: Colagene Post-Production Company: Septième Post-Production: Colette Dumay, Philippe Richelet, Martin Dumas Account Team: Olivier Charbonneau, Valérie Roy

To take part in Amnesty International's Write for Rights campaign means taking action. In the past twenty years, 127 of the 169 persons imprisoned were freed thanks to letters sent, representing a 75% release rate. Writing can actually change lives. By leveraging the universal symbol of the pencil, the visuals emphasize real situations where the most basic of rights have been violated: the right to protest, the right to live in safety, the freedom of the press, and the right to a fair trial.