Look For the Blue Cow

Advertising Illustration - Single


Chairman Ting Industries Inc., Vancouver, BC
t: 236-878-7343
e: carson@chairmanting.com
w: chairmanting.com

Design Studio: Chairman Ting Industries Inc. Ad Agency: Angry Butterfly Illustrator: Carson Ting Project Manager: Aiken Lao Creative Director: Erin Kawalecki Creative Director, Design: Christian Steffan Production Company: Makers Agency Producer: Vanessa Gloux Client: Dairy Farmers of Canada Art Director: Gary Westgate Executive Producer: Dana Klyszejko Account Manager: Mark Khatter

Winning Website: chairmanting.com/dfc

A Where's Waldo?-style illustration for the Blue Cow contest initiated by the Dairy Farmers of Canada. We hid a whack of fun things in there including Steve Aoki, Beth Harmon from Queen's Gambit played by Anya Taylor-Joy, our beloved Bella, and all her bunny friends.