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Environmental/Spaces Illustration - Single


Chairman Ting Industries Inc., Vancouver, BC
t: 236-878-7343
e: carson@chairmanting.com
w: chairmanting.com

Design Studio: Chairman Ting Industries Inc. Interior Design Firm: Perkins + Will Senior Interior Designer: Kimberly Baba Interior Designer: Joanna Wong Project Manager: Aiken Lao Photographer: Carson Ting Illustrator: Carson Ting Art Director: Carson Ting Printing Company: North Side Sign Construction Company: Turner Construction Canada

Winning Website: chairmanting.com/kabam4

Drawn from the perspective of first-person point of view, we illustrated the famous Pink Alley from downtown Vancouver. Standing in the lobby looking at this backlit glass vinyl installation will make you feel like you're actually there. The film glass mural allows light to pass while providing an adequate opaque finish to give the office space privacy.