Sweeter Together

Environmental/Spaces Illustration - Single


Chairman Ting Industries Inc., Vancouver, BC
t: 778-991-4427
e: carson@chairmanting.com
w: chairmanting.com

Design Studio: Chairman Ting Industries Inc. Artist: Carson Ting Photographer: Hubert Kang Retoucher: Lynol Lui Production Artists: Olivia Knight, Emily Rose Project Manager: Steff Love Clients: NBA Canada, Hershey's Canada, Boys and Girls of Canada Ad Agency: Mosaic Canada Illustrator: Carson Ting

Sweeter Together is an initiative to help refurbish basketball courts for the Boys and Girls Club of Canada sponsored by both the NBA and Hershey's Canada. The court was re-imagined with custom designs by Carson Ting, founder of Chairman Ting Industries, an art and design studio based in Vancouver.