The Firefly

Animation-Short - Single


Leo Burnett, Toronto, ON

Chief Creative Officer: Lisa Greenberg SVP Creative Director: Anthony Chelvanathan Creative Director: Marcus Sager Copywriter: Evan Wallis Art Director: Dean Hamann Producer: Melanie Palmer AVP Strategy and Planning Director: Anna Nowak Head of Strategy: Tahir Ahmad Head of Accounts: Natasha Dagenais Account Director: Alison Macklin Account Supervisor: Aryana Hassan Animation Company: Tonic DNA Sound Recording Studio: Grayson Music Group

Winning Website: vimeo.com/460960910

“The Firefly” is the story of June, a little firefly, who grows dispirited over how cold and unwelcoming the world can be at times. After witnessing negativity in a city, she loses her light, only to find it again over a heartfelt family moment—discovering how home-cooked meals made with love have the ability to spread the warmth.