Struck by a Rainbow



BBDO Toronto

Company: BBDO Toronto Executive Creative Direction: Carlos Moreno, Peter Ignazi Associate Creative Direction: Chris Booth, Joel Pylypiw Copywriting: Chris Booth Art Direction: Joel Pylypiw Agency Producer: Aimee DeParolis Production Company: The Corner Store Production House Producer: Tyler Byrne, Wayne Lawley Director: Conor Byrne Cinematographer: Rob Scarborough Editor: Griff Henderson Music/Sound: Grayson Matthews Colourist: Conor Fisher Post Production Company: The Vanity On-line Editor: Naveen Srivastava

Struck by a Rainbow is a documentary about David Milwood, a man covered entirely in Skittles. One day while David was hiking, he was struck by a rainbow. His life changes forever and he lives the rest of his days with multi-coloured Skittles for skin. From saving on haircuts to constant cleaning as Skittles covering his floor and furniture, David tries to adapt to his new, more delicious life.