Cinematography-Short - Single


Les Garçons, Montreal, QC
w: les-garcons.co

Director: Les Garçons Model: Amparo Augado Producer: L'Éloi Model: Kreg Weiss (Christophe), Shannon Saintus, Mehdi Buscaino, Michaèl Ho Story: Les Garçons Photographer: Les Garçons Art Director: Audrey St-Laurent Motion Design & Editing: Mat&Fab, Gerardo Alcaine Music: Dorion Pinto Sound Design: Audio Z, Rémy Sealey Colour: Bonesso-Dumas, Charlie Roberts Food Styling: Michelle Diamond Production Director: Johanne Richer Production Co-ordinator: Laura Llorens, Avril Tremblay Key Gaffer: Jeremy Bobrow Digitech: Stéphane Losq Production Design Assistant: Michaèl Ho Painter: Benoit Brûlé Stylist: Marianne Blais Hair & Makeup Artist: Cynthia Bouchard BTS: Hugues Bouchard

Inspired by the simple idea of a fateful evening in a secret supper club, Incognito tells a cinematic story with a stylized mix of narrative photography and live action animation at 10 FPS. The project assembles over 2000 images in a format inspired by graphic novels, and tells the story of a diamond-smuggling love triangle. Details are missing from the story; frames are missing from the moving images. These gaps create both a sharp sense of tension, and space for the imagination of the viewer.