Unexpected Parentheses

Photography - Series


Florence Babin-Beaudry, Montreal, QC
t: 514-293-4554
e: florencebabinbeaudry@gmail.com
w: florencebabinbeaudry.com

Program: Photography
School: Collège Marsan

Model: Julie Dubuc, Stéphanie Carrières, Carol Arpin, Famille Cloutier Ross Assistants: Laurence Grandbois Bernard, Yan Tremblay Model: Famille Joubert Tremblay

Unexpected Parentheses focuses on the theme of Near-Death Experiences (NDE). An NDE refers to individuals who, after being declared clinically dead, report having had an out-of-body experience and a series of visions or feelings on other planes of consciousness. Here are Experiencers staged to portray the context in which the event occurred, symbolizing how they died. The second photo represents their experience of the afterlife and metaphorical worlds inspired by their testimonies.